6 kids, a big blank wall and LOTS of perfectly aligned photos

( A true story from Mike, Founder of Tinyme)

We have 6 kids, and quite a big house, and a lot of nice photos and art on our walls, but our photo wall, which admittedly is very large and has over 250 photos, is what people ALWAYS comment on when they come around. 

A few years ago, after a renovation and a new large blank wall, I made a custom template so I could perfectly space and align all the photos I’d printed. It made it so easy my young kids could help me put them up. People would just love looking at it and would continually ask “How did you get it all so perfect and aligned?”  and if I could help them do the same things at their house. Over the years I added photos (baby number 6 arrived!) and swapped photos (wife not so sure about that one any more) which was too easy, they simply peel on and off with no damage, even after years. From this, and after multiple rounds of refinement and testing, we launched Tinyme Photo Walls with it’s unique templating system so everyone can make there own, “how did you do that” photo wall.