Bring your memories to life with Tinyme's range of Photo Products

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Welcome to the world headquarters for the office of Instagram prints, photo magnets, square photo prints, Instagram magnets, Instagram stickers and general photo printing awesomeness - known by most simply as OOIPPMSPPIMIS (breath) & GPPA. We exist to help rescue the photos of the world from the confines of digital servitude and get them out into the glorious sunshine of physical reality. From wedding snaps, and baby's first steps, to holiday memories and accidentally shooting the carpet then noticing that stain for the first time... We can help bring those pixels out of your device and onto paper, magnets and re-positionable fabric stickers. Yay!

So if you have been searching for a place to print Instagram photos and free those square selfies (with artificial blurry edges and un-natural filters) from the captivity of your smartphone, then the search is over. Simply upload, choose your pics and we’ll get them made and sent out.