Tinyme... Over 1 million orders since 2006!


New Zealand's best Clothing Stamp & Name Labels all in one big value pack. Yay!

$105 Value for only...

Tinyme... Over 1 million orders since 2006!


New Zealand's best Clothing Stamp & Name Labels all in one big value pack. Yay!

$105 Value for only...

Name Stamps for clothes. Works

on shirts, pants, socks & more!

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Stamp onto dark or thin fabrics
with our white Iron-On Labels.

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Your custom made name stamp
packaged in a cute & stylish box.

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Pre-inked! Up to 1,000 imprints.
Fabric stamp ink refill available. 

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Imagine... a world where your little one's bottles, bags, containers, pencils, toys, and lunch boxes no longer find themselves in lost property. No more 'that's mine!' battles, no more 'is this yours?' questions & no more mixups. Bundle your Clothing Name Stamp (light fabrics) with Iron On Clothing Labels (thin or dark fabrics), Sticky Name Labels (hard surfaces), Shoe Labels & more, and fight lost property forever!






Scratch resistant & waterproof.
Microwave & dishwasher safe.

Animals, florals, space, sports,
vehicles, patterns & much more! 

Hand pick your set of designs
or select from pre-made sets.

4 different sizes per sheet.
Perfect for most labelling needs.

Tinyme Stamp & Name Label Value Packs have been designed to help keep your little ones from losing all their precious belongings while not costing an arm and a leg. No need to wait for discounts - our value packs are at a discounted rate all year round. 

Choose your pack (or build your own) with:

Clothing Name Stamp (Included in each pack): No ironing required. Comes pre-inked & ready to go. Stamp up to 1,000 clothes. Imprint lasts up to 50 washing machine washes. 

Sticky Labels: Waterproof, dishwasher resistant, freezer and microwave safe plus they are coated with a super durable gloss coating for additional scratch resistance. 

Iron On Clothing Labels: Label all clothing including thin & dark clothes. Easy to apply and safe to use in washing machines and tumble dryers.

Clothing Ink Refill: Use to refill Clothing Name Stamps (after your initial 1,000 imprints are used up). Each bottle contains enough ink to stamp enough clothes to fill a department store!

Shoe Overlays: Simply place the clear shoe overlays over Tinyme Sticky Name Labels to give them ultimate durability and never lose those shoes again!

Shoe Labels: Labels with Left & Right indicators. Comes with clear shoe overlays for super durability. 

Book Labels: Large square labels that stand out. Perfect for larger belongings...and books of course (not waterproof).

Mega Labels: Printed on the same material as Sticky Labels but sooo much bigger. Perfect for sporting equipment, bikes, scooters & larger toys (waterproof).

Bag Tags: Made from durable plastic, attach your tags to your kiddie's bag to prevent those awkward bag mix-ups.

The Clothing Name Stamp also known as the fabric stamp or t-shirt stamp is designed to label all light coloured and thicker clothes and garments, like shirts, school uniforms, pants, or socks. It's the ultimate stamp for clothes, making sure those pesky fabrics don't go wandering off. The fabric stamp ink works best on thicker or tighter weaved fabrics such as cotton and elastane. The fabric stamp ink may bleed through thinner garments, so if you want to stamp thin or light coloured clothes, consider stamping on top of our Blank Iron-On Labels.

Alternatively (for thin or darker garments) try Personalised Iron On Clothing Labels & choose from 100's of design options!

Our Clothing Name Stamp Ink is also the same ink used in our Teacher Stamps, making it dual-purpose. It can be used on most fabrics as well as everyday office or workbook paper.

The fabric stamp ink may bleed through thinner garments or appear less visible on darker clothes. For a clearer impression on dark clothes or thin garments, you can use your Name Stamp together with our Blank Iron-On Labels. Simply iron the Blank Iron-On Label onto the garments and then apply the custom fabric stamp. Blank Iron-On Labels are water resistant and are ideal for darker pieces of clothing or thinner fabrics. Each sheet comes with 16 Iron-On Labels that measure 40 mm x 18 mm each. 

You can separately purchase Blank Iron-On Labels here.

Alternatively (for thin or darker garments) try Personalised Iron On Clothing Labels & choose from 100's of design options!

Tinyme Name Stamps come pre-inked and last up to 1,000 impressions. If your kiddo has way too many clothes (or you triple stamp every piece of clothing for "insurance"), Clothing Ink Refill bottles for Clothing Name Stamps are available. Each bottle contains more ink than you need to stamp all the clothes in a department store!

You can separately purchase Clothing Ink Refills here.

The Clothing Name Stamp leaves a water resistant imprint for clothes so don't hesitate to throw name stamped clothing in the laundry. It's not a permanent clothing stamp but our tests have found the imprint is still clear and visible after 50 half hour washes with detergent. Results may vary depending on heat settings. If the fabric stamp ink begins to fade, simply reapply the clothing name stamp. 

It is recommended to not wear or wash the stamped garment until after 24 hours of stamping.

Tinyme Name Stamps measure 60 mm x 32 mm x 66 mm and have an imprint area of 36 mm x 13 mm.

Up to 14 letters can be used in each First Name and Last Name field. The Last Name field is not required. Name Stamps with fewer letters will result in a more precise imprint.

The Name Stamp ink should not be consumed or put near the eyes. 

Clothing Name Stamps come ready to use and can imprint up to 1,000 pieces of clothing before needing an ink refill. Each crisp name imprint can last over 50 washes. Perfect for quick, no-hassle clothes labeling. 

Tinyme Sticky Name Labels can be used for pencils, stationery, bottles, bags, containers, lunchboxes - you name it (literally)! Our Sticky Name Labels adhere to most smooth, hard, clean surfaces but we suggest avoiding non stick and highly textured surfaces.

Iron On Clothing Labels are compatible with fabric or clothing so they make the perfect uniform labels, school clothes labels, jacket labels, hat labels, sock labels...the list can go on and on!

Note: Fabric, clothing, plastics that contain high silicone (non stick), plastics with a greasy feel, and plastics with a highly textured surface may not be compatible with our Sticky Labels.


1. Stick labels to smooth surfaces that are clean & dry. The following surfaces may not be compatible: Fabric, clothing, highly textured surfaces, plastics that contain high silicone (non-stick) or have a greasy feel.

2. Rub firmly over the whole label, especially the edges.

3. Wait 2–3 days for the adhesive to cure. When in the dishwasher, place items with labels on the top shelf & do not use high temperature settings such as “pots & pans”.

4. Safety Check: Before giving any item to small children, check that the labels are fully and safely adhered.

WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard.

Good To Know: Paper labels such as Address, Book and Gift Labels are not waterproof and thus not suited for uses such as dishwasher, microwave, freezer etc.


Please note: If garment is not suitable for hot iron be careful & iron at own risk. Never iron directly onto the label.

1. Preheat DRY iron to medium-high heat. Do not exceed garment recommended iron temperature.

2. Peel off the label & place onto fully dry garment, text side up. Please note: Labels applied to damp garments will not adhere properly.

3. Cover label with supplied parchment paper & press firmly with iron for 8–10 seconds.

4. If edges are not fully stuck (try peeling label off with fingernail), you may need to increase temperature, pressure or time & repeat above steps.

5. Safety Check: Before giving any item to small children, check that the name labels are fully and safely adhered.

WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard.


Simply peel off the shoe label from the sheet and apply to the inner sole of the shoe. Apply the protective shoe overlays (which make them even more durable) over the top of the shoe label. Make sure you're applying the correct label to the correct shoe side.

Sticky & Iron On Clothing Labels are printed on sheets.

Each sheet contains a total of 36 Name Labels:

• 6 Large Square Name Labels (33mm)
• 12 Small Square Name Labels (25mm)
• 8 Small Name Labels (25 x 13mm)
• 10 Mini Name Labels (19 x 11mm)

No. We can't print special characters.

To view shipping costs & estimated delivery times click here

At Tinyme we’ve been designing and crafting unique custom made products in our production studio since 2006, shipping over 1 million orders to over 70 countries! Everything is done in-house... Our customer service, design, marketing, engineering, software and production teams are all in-house down in Melbourne, Australia. We also have a UK facility that supports customer service and production. Click here to learn more. 

Tinyme Name Label Value Packs in action...


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.background-image-669c5b76da919 {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_iron_on_name_labels__.jpg);}.background-image-669c5b76e19f8 {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_iron_on_name_labels__.jpg);}
.background-image-669c5b76da91f {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_school_name_labels_sticker_1.jpg);}.background-image-669c5b76e19fd {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_school_name_labels_sticker_1.jpg);}
.background-image-669c5b76da924 {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_iron_on_name_labels_12_1_1.jpg);}.background-image-669c5b76e1a03 {background-image: url(https://www.tinyme.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/kids_iron_on_name_labels_12_1_1.jpg);}

*Percentage saving is based on the pack discount compared to purchasing individual stamps and sheets.